A Market Love Affair and What Comes After.

Conscience food.

That's the invisible banner that welcomes you as you enter the Oranjezicht Market. It's bustling, it's artisanal and responsible.

Its producers are responsible and all of a sudden, much needed questions are answered. Where was it farmed? How was it grown? Any ludicrous hormonal therapy being practiced on our favourite cow? When can we have champagne?

Conscience food and crisp champagne. A notion we are quite happy to live with.

We are extremely blessed that we are 2 best friends, soulmates and often referred to as wives. Also very fortunate is our marriages. James Miller is married to Jeanne. James loves to cook. Jeanné likes to drink wine whilst aforementioned activity is taking place. Marriage made in heaven. Dennis Venter is married to Liezel. Dennis loves to drink wine. Liezel likes to cook whilst aforementioned activity is taking place. Marriages made in heaven.

When all 4 of us get together, it really becomes a feasting frenzy. Wine cellars are often under siege and cook books won't stand long enough to collect dust. Watching Liezel and James in the kitchen is like a waltz. So when we visited the #Oranjezichtmarket to find broad beans, you could be sure symphonies were playing.

The market itself is a beautiful sensory experience. Everything you touch has a nostalgic smell. Everything you choose has a story and everything you buy has significance. Personally and on a commercial scale. Its a joy to meet the stall owners as well and interact with their passion. We especially love the ice cream. Yes, ice cream pre 10am is slightly orgasmic.

So you see, its not JUST the broad beans, the delectable red velvet brownies or the coffee. It's a sustainable food system we all are part of.

Back in our Cape Town kitchen, you can feel the vibe and the start of the food frenzy. Kitchen Mission: Broad beans with Lemon cream

RECIPE (Thank you Franck Dangereaux!)

1. Remove the beans from their pods

2. Blanche the broad beans for 15 seconds

3. Refresh them in ice water

4. There is small white knot where the skin is attached. Flip this up and squeeze the base until it pops out of its skin. (This is highly therapeutic. You'll thank us!)

Let's make the lemon cream

Juice and rind 1 large Lemon

600ml cream

1 tbsp Dijon Mustard

Place lemon juice and grated rind in pot and bring to boil. Add cream and mustard and simmer until it reduces by a third. Heat broad beans in the microwave and pour lemon cream sauce over the beans.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Bon Apetit!

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